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How to use Madde and RTSect in the same time

smptools work only in Windows. People which use Apple systems in this case will unfortunately experience some problem.

Madde puts its audio on the channel you have defined in the Control panel as the default audio output. The same does RTSect about its input: it takes the signal coming from the default audio input. This Sound control panel is what is called "Windows Mixer" from a programmatic point of view.

Check your Windows mixer controls (small loudspeaker into the tray, right lower corner of the desktop). Make the chosen output active, (not muted) and raise its volume, and the overall volume. Choose in the "recording" section of the mixer your input as active, and raise its recording volume. 

If you want to see the outcoming audio signal in RTSect, first of all you must have a full-duplex audio board. Every not ancient board is full-duplex, so that it is unlike you have a half-duplex sound board, unless you have a very very old computer. Second,  you must provide something capable of putting the output back into the chosen input.

This can be done in several different ways: 

  • Some audio boards (amid them, the Creative Sound Blaster Live and similar) have an input channel called "What U hear", in which you can find everything you put in output (you can hear). Use this as input device / channel, activating it into the Windows mixer.
  • This functionality can be simulated by means of software drivers called "virtual cables". They don't work on every system, every sound card and every circumstance, so that try it before buying. 
  • You can make a bridge between the physical, analog output of your sound board and the physical analog input. You have to prepare a cable, otherwise you cannot hear and see at the same time:

  • If your computer loudspeakers have an headphone jack, you can make the bridge using standard cables. Usually this output disables the loudspeakers. In this case you cannot see and hear at the same time.

Check the settings of both programs (particularly set the same sampling frequency, amid those supported by your sound board):

Both applets must be start-up:

in Madde, and in RTSect