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Music and New Technologies - Conservatory "A.Casella" in L'Aquila- Italy

Tools for digital signal processing.

This page includes only free or open source tolls for numerical analysis and digital signal processing.

Free software and Open Source institutions

The Open Source Foundation. 

The  Open Source Initiative (OSI) web site


"GNU is not Unix". This is the organisation which developed and spread-off Linux, the free Operating system, besides a lot of high-quality, useful free softwarefor Windows, Linux, MacIntosh and other systems.

The Free Software Foundation.

"Free in the sense of freedom" .This foundation is tied to GNU.

Source Forge.

This is the "foundry" of most Open Source projects. The name derives from "silicon foundry", where electronic chips are produced. Here thousands of software projects and ready to use applications can be found on every topic, from aerospace to music.

DSP Tools.


This is a comprehensive package for numerical calculations and visualization, including (but notlimiting to) digital signal processing. It is "matlab compatible", being instead free. Thanks to INRIA (fr). Includes filter design tools.


The renowned multiplatform scripting language, which provides also a sophisticated and vast widget /GUI system. A huge amount of free extensions (packages) can be found, for different purposes, including a package specific for sound (also in real time) - SNACK, thanks to Kåre Sjölander at  Kungliga Tekniska högskolan (Royal Institute of Technology) .


This is a very sophisticated tool, that can be used stand-alone or included as a package in your own application. Based on TclTk and  Snack, it is  Open source thanks to Kungliga Tekniska högskolan (Royal Institute of Technology) of Stockholm (Sweden). 



A collection of tools for sound and acoustics, by Svante Granqvist at Kungliga Tekniska högskolan.