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Music and New Technologies - Conservatory "A.Casella" in L'Aquila- Italy

Useful (hopefully) links about digital audio signal processing

This is a collection of links which can be considered as part of the classes Bibliography. 

Linear Systems


Linear Time-Invariant Systems and Convolution

A gentle, tough quite formal, introduction to the topic. By Wilson J. Rugh, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

 Dynamical Systems on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an on-line Encyclopedia made by its own readers (you included, if you want)

New Possibilities in Sound Analysis and Synthesis - Xavier Rodet, Philippe Depalle, Guillermo Garcia (IRCAM)

A basic article about the  "FFT-1" method for additive synthesis 


The page of  John Orion Smith III at Center of Computer Research In Music and Acoustics -  Stanford (CA). Here the huge amount of links of papers and pages about synthesis and signal processing.


 Adrian Freed page at Center for New Music and Audio Technologies - Berkley.


Digital signal processing

Musical Signal Processing - Edited by: Curtis Roads, Stephen Pope, Aldo Piccialli (+), and Giovanni De Poli

Short on line version of the paper book.

The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing - by Steven W. Smith, Ph.D. California Technical Publishing ISBN 0-9660176-3-3 (1997)
A whole 640 pages book fully downloadable