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Music and New Technologies - Conservatory "A.Casella" in L'Aquila- Italy

Digital audio signal processing Bibliography.

This list includes mainly books on paper. This is a choice of  t hose books which are best suited for music purposes. Please also see the page on  digital signal processing links were more general documentation and  e-books on DSP can be found.

Acustica musicale e architettonica

This is an Italian book, edited by Sergio Cingolani and Renato Spagnolo, in which Lorenzo Seno wrote the chapter on Physical modeling of musical instruments, while Michelangelo Lupone wrote the chapter about Electronic Music

Introduction to Signal Processing, by Sophocles Orfanidis.

On of the best books about Digital signal processing, with a sharp inclination towards sound and music. The above link point to pages at Rutgers University, which hold very detailed information (including TOC) about the book, and a lot of sources in c -language and in matlab language (thus usable also in scilab) on several DSP topics.

Computer Sound Synthesis for the Electronic Musician - by Eduardo Reck Miranda

Miranda is a Brazilian musician and a researcher who works at Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris, where he is involved in sound, audio and speech processing. A  CD with examples and some demonstrative software is included.

Musical Signal Processing - Edited by: Curtis Roads, Stephen Pope, Aldo Piccialli (+), and Giovanni De Poli

This is a short on-line version of the paper book, to which many of the most renowned  music researcher have contributed. A mandatory reading. Authors:  A. Bernardi,  G. Borin, G-P. Bugna,  A. Camurri, S. Cavaliere, R. Dannenberg, P. Desain, G. De Poli, G.-P. Evangelista, H. Honing, M. Leman, A. Piccialli,  S. T. Pope, C. Roads, A. Sarti, M.-H. Serra , X. Serra,  G. Sica, J. O. Smith III, A. Vidolin.

Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music (DRAFT) by  Miller Puckette

An in progress textbook by one of the main authors of  Pure Data and  MaxMSP. Many examples in in PD. Highly recommended reading. Available as web pages, pdf and PostScript. in English.