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Music and New Technologies - Conservatory "A.Casella" in L'Aquila- Italy

Standards, dictionaries, lists, encyclopedias, and standardization institutions on audio. 

Dictionaries, References, Definitions and lists..

RANE Pro audio Reference

This is a very comprehensive audio encyclopedia in which you can find accurate definitions and links about any word and topic in the analog and digital audio filed

Dilettante's dictionary

"Audio terminology in these digital days" - by Sandy Lerner (cofounder of Cisco Systems). Rich and accurate.

Commonly used Voltage Audio levels

Voltage dynamics for various types of audio inputs, both consumer and professional.


A wide collection of links about general information and specific topics on audio (and other fields). 


This site has a lot of very specific technical information about audio and video.  Also a vast products (microphones, loudspeaker, cables) repertoire of any imaginable brand .


Definition (RANE Reference)


Decibel demystified: Part1 - Part 2

Technical data

Connectors (not only for audio) Pin outs

Connectors Pin outs of every type.